International Recognition G.M. Marco Morabito - London


London 24 June 2023 International Hall of Fame, our G.M. Marco Morabito, the only Italian to be invited to England, taught some Krav Maga and Systema techniques from the IKMO program at an international seminar, achieving considerable success so much so that some images will be included in the forthcoming film "Karate Breaker" produced by a company English with participation and production by Gary Wasniewski. Our Technical Director Marco Morabito has been awarded with the most coveted recognition "Grandmaster", furthermore the TGYA Martial Arts International London recognizes him the Grade of 10 Dan Krav Maga Self Defense and the Action Woman Krav Maga style internationally. Important international collaborations for future courses and seminars that lead IKMO to new recognitions close to its twentieth year of activity. Thanks to the dedication and professionalism of the G. M. Marco Morabito who for years has been among the first Masters in the world to remain and continue his activity at the highest world levels.