About Us

The I.K.M.O. International Krav Maga Organization is a social promotion association, created by a team of highly qualified professionals and masters of martial arts, where the organizational technical direction has been entrusted to the Grand Master Marco Morabito International Technical Director.
Our aim is the study and deepening of the best military-derived personal defense systems worldwide, from a martial and technical point of view, in order to offer a highly effective and intuitive package. Specifically, we deal with the Krav Maga and Kapap disciplines for the Israeli system and the Russian Martial Arts Systema for the Russian-derived one. We are the first Krav Maga organization registered in Italy and the first to have brought the System to our country. We cooperate with various countries and Masters all over the world; we organize basic courses, instructors, special courses reserved for police and military forces, boot camps, workshops, lessons and customized programs in the field of personal defense and operational and professional security.