BOOK Russian Martial Arts Systema - Marco Morabito:
Systema is a misterious style, very aggressive, but extremely natural. Its secrets were diffused bit by bit, but inevitably in this era of light they are all exposed. Although it is not easy to find competent instructors on this matter. Systema masters were particularly efficient in creating a legend around it. To find a competent and talented instructor was not an easy task, but we finally did it. Marco Morabito is a solid expert, his experience in what is called <> is way beyond words; it distinguish and gives an additional value to the way he teaches Systema. Our interest in this style is parallel to the interest of researchers around the world, so, after the introduction of his DVD, here we are finally publishing an instructive book by a competent master that will be known worldwide.


DVD Krav Maga Israeli Survival System - Marco Morabito:
In this DVD, Master Marco Morabito, with exclusive rights for Budo International, presents a preview of the Israeli Krav Maga Survival System. In this colossal work, the basic method and techniques of this discipline are illustrated in a clear and transparent manner. That is, no secrets, but in an extraordinary job that will take you to the very core of self-defense. The techniques are illustrated so that they are easily understood by all. A truly unique opportunity to approach self-defense or improve your knowledge on the subject. The author is one of today’s top self-defense exponents worldwide and has to his credit an extensive experience both in the military field and in security companies; awarded several times in various countries and acclaimed by his courses and seminars around the world, he has become an international spokesperson for different combat and self-defense systems, little known but highly effective. He has learned and studied all over the world, from Japan to the US, via Poland, Spain, Cape Verde, Germany, Israel, France and Russia, a continued research in remote areas of the world, such as Siberia or the desert of Texas, without stopping at any point in his tireless search for new knowledge without ever stop asking questions. The Israeli Krav Maga Survival System is not a discipline or a set of rigid rules, but a method, a process of continuous and constant evolution. This makes it adaptable to any situation and circumstance and permeable to any changes, and then be able to take stock of its mistakes and use the experience as an opportunity to improve.


DVD Systema Marco Morabito - The Russian Revolution:
The Systema, Russian martial art of combat, prefers the versatility and improvisation in the clash, combining the use of with brutal and immediate technical movements. No preset, or kata, or formalities, the name of the discipline reflects the pragmatism of Russia. Many aspects are considered, even today, a state secret, as it has been developed and improved to be used by Russian special units, the "Spenatz." After many years of study and practice with the greatest exponents of the art, Marco Morabito, Technical Director and Chairman of the IKMO was authorized to teach and train trainers of Systema Worldwide. In this first introductory work, shows the main movements, the techniques of balance, the principles of "No Contact", the release of holds and join locks, and defense against punches primary attacks and threats with knife or weapons.


DVD Common Mistakes & Disarming Techniques Krav Maga Israeli Survival System:
Krav Maga Israeli Survival System: the new Krav Maga frontier. After the success of his first DVD, Grandmaster Marco Morabito appears unprecedented in Budo International with a DVD dedicated to weapons: Morabito knowledge in both civil and military defense fields intertwines in an explosive mixture of technology and innovation. Nothing is left to chance and there are no secrets: with "experimentalis cognitio", the most common armed attacks are carefully examined paying utmost attention to every single detail. Diverse techniques with the most common weapons are analyzed, always bearing in mind that there is no such thing as a "universal pattern of aggression": the kinds of attacks are unlimited and so are the means of defense. Technique is only the basis of study to acquire and develop fluency and conscience of the movement, but the aim is that of making our defense instinctive thus shortening the time of reaction. As on the ring, we will never have the mathematical certainty of winning the bout, but we can greatly increase our chances of emerging victorious: "He who fights risks to lose, he who doesn't fight has already lost." Morabito, with his Israeli Krav Maga Survival System wants to break with the patterns and show the public something totally new, far from the regular old-fashioned techniques, emulated for decades. On this DVD, technique melts with experience and everything acquires clear and definite contours. Nothing is left at random and the most common mistakes are unmasked and analyzed. In the Israeli Krav Maga Survival System you will find an exceptional and authentic new method of self-defense.


DVD Disarming Techniques Systema Marco Morabito - The Russian Revolution:
Great Grandmaster Marco Morabito, technical director and responsible of the IKMO international Federation. He has practiced martial arts and combat sports for thirty years. He works as a military instructor and technical coordinator in both public and private security and has great experience in the kidnapping and anti terrorism fields, he teaches civilians and military, and is an expert military instructor in hand to hand combat and an expert in the use of any type of weapon for self defence. As founder of the Marco Morabito Systema, he has gathered the most effective techniques from the different Russian Systema Schools, he has also incorporated many of his own techniques, techniques he himself developed while in high risk situations with civilians and military. He is also founder of the Israelite personal defences like Krav Maga Israeli Survival System, Kapap Israelite Survival System and has formed more than five hundred instructors world wide. In this second DVD he presents disarm techniques against knives and fire weapons used in Marco Morabitos´s Systema taken from the special forces program of the Russian Spetsnaz.