Krav Maga is the quintessence of the self defence tactic. Hand to hand combat and third person protection teach to face real risks valuing immediately the level of danger and the circumstances of a specif situation. You learn to value the environment and choose the better thing to do in order to safeguard your safety.Krav Maga is neither a sport nor a traditional martial art because it does not have illegal blows. It develops the study of two situations: self-defence and hand-to-hand fighting.
In the self-defence the techniques are simple and there is always a counterattack. There is no choice, the defence is a duty. In hand-to-hand fighting there are also other factors, such as tactics, strategy and the extended length.

Krav Maga techniques have nothing unnecessary and aesthetic. Just extreme efficacy, speed due to eliminate the menace. It meand: both run away and fight but resolving anyway the dangerous situation

Strength, coordination, reflexes and speed are at the bases of this discipline.The movements must be simple, quick and effective. Krav Maga technique teeaches to defend yourself both from a technical point of view and from a psychological one.

Worlwide recognized are the third person protection techniques against the attacks and/or menaces with weapons. Both knifes and firearms, included automatic and military ones. Krav Maga is a "real" self defence system. For this reason is simple and fast to learn. It can be adapted to everyone: men, women, children, every weight and build.
It is very important to learn the right physical technique and reach the right mental level: in this way the ability of reacting to obstacles improves and so it is possible to be more self-confidence. All Krav Maga movements are logical and they have, as final aim, the teaching of the tactics.

There are no fixed techniques that you can always use under certain circumstances. The assaults may be different, the attacker’s height may be different, just like the technique and the experience.
In conclusion, there are many different situations and every time something changes.

 Nowadays Krav Maga is adopted by more than fiftheen special military units and police all over the world. It has been adopted also in Italy by special units and local police. Now is going to be valued by the state police department.

The aim of this discipline is teach people to self defence as fast as possible. Because it is direct to everyone, also people don´t have a technical background and don´t have much time to spend.

Krav Maga is a synthesis of many disciplines, from boxe to ju-jitsu, jet kune do and street fight