Training in Krav Maga is an aerobic and strengthening workout and it involves a general toning of the body, above all shoulders, abdominal muscles, glutei and legs.
SHOULDERS AND ARMS: Press-up and boxing combination develop and strengthen the muscular system, so you can deal powerful, quick and precise blows. Moreover, these movements have influence on the tonicity of the pectoral muscles.
LEGS: Middle kicks and low in movement, run, quick knee-bends, rotation of the body, hops and springs tone up and strengthen the muscles and in this way the speed and the force of the movements will be increased.
UPPER AND LOWER ABDOMINAL - BUTTOCKS: The abdominal muscles can be strengthened with training on the floor, and this training supports the strength of kicks and punches. The same things can be said for the glutei, that are trained together with the muscles of legs and bust.
MOTOR COORDINATION: It is improved thanks to coordination exercises. Stretching will give you more flexibility.

Effects on the mind

The Krav Maga training method has not only a physical purpose: you must accept and endorse a special mental discipline too, aiming at strengthening the spirit and developing the necessary capability to face brutal attacks and particular situations. At a psychological level, facing and solving really difficult situations is worth to self-esteem and it increases the safety of your psychophysics means. Moreover, the mind trains to keep important decisions in a short time, improving the capability of reaction to external events.
The training in the gym must be various and simulate moments of brutal assaults, where the training positions are embarrassing and complicated. The purpose is to understand that through decision you can find a way out.Krav Maga technique offers also a behavioural training so you can avoid, but also face, dangerous situations.