Monday 25 November 2019, from 10:00 to 23:00 Pink day,

reserved and dedicated to women

Doors open to the Genova Academy with Gymnastics-Fitness-Dance-Dance-Personal Defense

On the occasion of World Day against Violence Against Women, the Genoa Academy, amateur sports association based in

Corso Aurelio Saffi 46R, 16128 Genoa, organizes the "Woman Day" event.

On the whole day of Monday 25 November 2019, from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm, doors open to participants, exclusively women, who will have the opportunity to practice free disciplines of Dance, Dance, Fitness, Martial Arts and Personal Defense. The central moment of the day will be the one dedicated to Female Personal Defense, with a seminar, from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm, focused on Personal Defense techniques according to "Action Woman - Krav Maga" program, a personal defense system founded by Grand Master Marco Morabito, founder and technical director of I.K.M.O. International Krav Maga Organization, a social promotion association based in the Genoa area for almost 15 years.

To testify the importance of the event, a conference will be held from 18:00 to 19:30 on the psychological and social aspects concerning violence against women, with the participation of the center Psychologist Dr. Giuliana Jacob and of the center Chiara Panero antiviolence To not be subjected to violence, which will intervene on the psychological aspects of violence and on the support that can be provided to the victims.

To follow, a brief presentation of the book "The safe house at secret address - 20 years in Genoa". The "Action Woman - Krav Maga" program has already been presented on the occasion of the participation of the Genova Academy and I.K.M.O. to the Municipal project "Sicurinsieme", aimed at organizing a self-defense course with exclusive participation of women.

Action Woman stems from the need to find a synergy between simplicity of execution and technical effectiveness, so that every woman can feel safer not only in daily life but also in interpersonal relationships. The program includes female personal defense in various environments and circumstances both daily and working. In this program you learn to handle various situations that are in existence or even before they can to occur, therefore to prevent. Given the latest news, knowing how to defend physically and mentally definitely becomes one need.

At Genova Academy A.S.D. Corso Aurelio Saffi 46R, 16128 Genoa

For info and reservations 0102923294 3355686442 info@genovacademy.it www.genovacademy.it