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Because creation of Krav Maga is linked, at least some level, to the foundation of f Israel´s military forces, it´s usefull to get deeper look what was happening when State of Israel and Israels defence forces where formed.
Following you can see the map of Israel before (1947) and after the war (1949).



We can start looking at the War of Independence (1947-49)
This war was fought along the border of the country against Lebanon and Syria in the north, Iraq and Transjordan in the east, Egypt, assisted by Sudan in the south and Palestinians and Arab countries´ volunteers inside the country.
It was the most costly war of Israel´s history. More than 6,000 death between Jewish fighters and civilians. At the war´s end in 1949, the state of Israel was confronted with a number of problems: hundreds of thousands of new immigrants and refugee problems and maintaining a defense against a hostile and numerically superior Arabs. Faced with such problems, government announced the formation of a Provisional Council of State wich unified Israel´s independent military into a one military structure. On May 28, 1948, Ben-Gurion´s provisional government created the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Zvah Haganah Le Yisrael.
By January 1949, Ben-Gurion had also dissolved the Palmach, the strike force of the Haganah. In July 1950, the Law of Return was assigned: "Every Jew has the right to come to this country as an olah (new immigrant)." Between May 1948 and December 31, 1951, approximately 684,000 Jewish immigrants entered the new state, thus providing a Jewish majority in the region for the first time in the modern era. The largest single group of immigrants consisted of Jews from Eastern Europe.

After independence the area in which 90 percent of the Arabs lived, were placed under military government. The government created three areas: The first was the Northern Area known as Galilee Area. The second was the so called Little Triangle, located between the villages of Et Tira and Et Taiyiba near the Jordan border (Transjordan). The third area included much of the Negev Desert.
In April 1950 King Abdullah of Transjordan annexed the West Bank and East Jerusalem, thus creating the united Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Ben-Gurion thought this would mean an end to independent claims on Israeli territory and material claims on confiscated Arab territory.
Abdullah, was assassinated in July 1951. And Israel was boycotted by all its Arab neighbors.

Surrounded by enemies and having to integrate thousands of immigrants into the new state, government attempted to make the IDF the new
unifying symbol of the fledgling state. Israel needed a unity of purpose, which could be provided by a strong army that would defend the country
against its enemies and help assimilate its culturally diverse immigrants. In 1953 Israel´s defense Minister Pinchas Lavon, had authorized intelligence chief Benjamin Gibly to launch spying in Cairo and Alexandria in an attempt to embarrass Egyptian president Gamal Abdul Nasser. Operation failed and the Egyptians caught and executed the spies.
In February 1955, Ben-Gurion returned to the Ministry of Defense and was able to promote his hard-line defense policy. This resulted in a number of raids against the Egyptians in response to attacks on Israeli settlements originating from Egyptian-held territory. Biggest concern was
the rising power of Nasser had signed an agreement to buy arms from the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. But President Eisenhower refused to
supply Israel with weapons.
Because Egypt threatened Western interests in the Suez Canal, there where secret talks with Britain and France about the possibility of Israel
striking at the Sinai Peninsula, while Britain and France moved in on the Suez Canal, to protect Western shipping from combat.

In 1955 the IDF routed the Egyptian army at Gaza and on 1956, the French and British took over the Suez Canal area. After intense pressure from the Eisenhower administration, the European powers accepted to a cease-fire. And in March 1957, Israeli troops were forced to withdraw.
Although Israel was forced to withdraw, the raids from Gaza ceased, UN peacekeeping forces separated Egypt and Israel, cooperation with France
led to more arms sales to Israel, and the army´s performance had strengtened the position of the IDF.