About Krav Maga Israeli Survival System


Krav Maga Israeli Survival System® is an israeli self defence military discipline, born from the fusion of Krav Maga, Kapap and Close Quarter Battle.
This method can be used in every kind of environment both military and civilian, because it is based on the main principles of the most important schools localized all around the world.

The founder of this system is Master Marco Morabito. Krav Maga Israeli Survival System has been recognized as an Israeli self defence Krav Maga system by israeli organizations.

Actually, he is the only non-Israelian Master who founded an officialy recognized Krav Maga style.

The Krav Maga Israeli Survival System® distinguishes itself for instinctivity and logic used for our defence.
The first one is about rapid executions. The second one focuses on proven techniques, studied to be effective under various situations.
It is an innovative method of self defence because it teaches to deal with real situations instead of with ruled competitons: it is essential only the effectiveness of the technique and the self-confidence of the defender.
Precisely because a street fight is, for its own nature, unpredictable, the method cannot include rules or limitations.
By practising Krav Maga ISS one learns to deal with street aggressions, to choose the best technique to use with a smart and instantaneous evaluation of both the danger and the context.
The Krav Maga ISS teaches specific tactics for self and third person defence for law enforcement, military, security operators, but also to businessmen, freelancers...
In the Krav Maga Israeli Survival System® there is nothing excessive.
It is free from rituals and sequences and it is based on the study of the body movements. Also, for its semplicity, it is suitable for everyone: men and women of every age.