Private lessons




Our instructors give private lessons for all levels. We offer specific programs for each sector and to learn to defend themselves at any age, both men and women, regardless of experience and constitution. Programs aimed at businessmen, security operators in every area, people who have suffered violence, stalking and anyone who wants to learn to defend themselves in order to face possible risk situations on a daily basis. We collaborate with psychologists, criminologists, lawyers, doctors to give you a very complete support for every need.




Techniques suitable for civilians, anti-terrorism and crime prevention, developing awareness and learning to draw up someone's behavioral and physical profile and how to identify and avoid dangerous situations. Preventing violence. self defense centered on dangerous situations. For example in the car, lying in bed, walking into a garage, etc.

ATM (awareness and self defense). Prevent seizures Making targets less vulnerable: techniques and tactics.

Car theft with aggression to the driver: how to react defensively, using your car as a defensive tool; defensive tactics in and out of the car. Stalking: psychological tactics and simulation of attacks in multiple situations How to make your home safe, how to react with intruders and factors to consider in defense of your home Gun use for civilians and security