Fear under control

Accepting to have fear and keeping it as a prudent friend.

It is necessary to accept having fear in a dangerous situation, live together with it and control it. We must accept the feeling of fear, because if we analyse it we find that it is not a negative expression.


The problem is how we must react to this felling. Often fear prevent us from thinking at cold blood to analyse the situation, and sometimes it paralyses us blocking our muscles.
We are confused and blocked in front of danger, we have not so many possibilities to counter-attack in the right way. Fear must become a positive feeling. Fear can produces an effect opposite to the complete loss of physical and mental mobility. The adrenalin that will excite us, can accelerate our reaction time, increase our pain threshold and increase our determination and will to survive.


Controlling the Fear


I.K.M.O. federation dedicates some seminars to self-defence in order to fight fear and divides the training in four steps:


1st step: participants are informed that during the self-defence course they will be unexpectedly involved in simulations of unexpected aggression. Obviously the will be told not to react but to try facing these situations till the end from an emotional point of view and after they can reflect on the experienced fear and how they have controlled it. Facing in advance a simulated situation does not eliminate fear when you are facing a real situation, but it will remove the surprise that you can feel when you are scared. The training works, in dangerous situations fear will be always a friend of yours, but it does not catch you unprepared. It will help you to react in a more precise and right way.

2nd step: We add to the physical simulation also the psyche simulation. With closed eyes you must imagine a virtual scene where there is an aggression and you are involved. You must visualize the aggressor, every second of the scene, the fear you experienced and finally your reaction. Making this kind of mental training many times, trying to identify to the utmost with the person who experiences a violent attack, you will accustom your mind to have familiarity in dangerous situations. When these kind of situation really happen, you will know how to react with more determination and safety. In fact to increase experience, our mind does not distinguish real emotion from virtual ones. What is important is that there is emotion and that it is visualized with combinations of studied self-defence techniques. Therefore the presence of emotion makes easier the learning but also to know to assign the learning.

3rd step: Training with street self-defence techniques. You must train with your partners and accustom to use everything as dangerous object. You must also train for physical contact, to give and receive blows, trying at first to control them and then to plug the blows with proper protections. This will increase the knowledge of your body and of your psychophysical reactions. Also your conscience and confidence will increase.

4th step: Training with relaxation and concentration techniques. These techniques allow you to increase the harmony between your rational and emotional side in order to give you a better self-control in very important moments.

At the end of these 4 steps you will find that fear and clearness can easily live together. If you are in difficult circumstances, your mind will be precise and clear, ready to find the right solution to the situation.