Using the voice

The voice is a very important instrument for the self-defence, but you must use it with attention and quickness according to the situations, speaking or shouting. In self-defence, the voice has different functions. It can be divided into three functions:


1. To calm the aggressor

Speaking with a calm voice, assuming an accomodating attitude and finding the right arguments, sometimes discourage a potential dangerous situation.

2. To ask for help

Calling for help, or drawing other persons attention, can have a braking effect on the potential aggressor.

3. To give out martial cries

Adding martial cries to your blows will have a double effect-on the one hand will give you the psychological courage, on the other hand will demoralize the aggressor.
Shouting fire !!

In every case of aggression and you want to attract the attention of other persons, avoid shouting “Help” or similar things. Usually people do not answer to this kind of call, because do not want any trouble. People are scared, above all because they do not know what they should face or what kind of danger there is.
We recommend you to use a more psychologically effective call - ”Fire !!!” Who hears this call will have the desire to come give help. It does not matter if this potential helper will actively or not intervene. Just the fact that someone comes, could make the aggressor escape.