Anti Aggression advices

With some foresights we can avoid big problems. For example it is very useful to put your money into pockets and different wallets but also prepare a special wallet with few euros and without documents to give to a possible pickpocket.


To avoid being victim of a theft is always better to avoid temptations to possible criminals: suitcases, bags and other valuables must be always carried under your arm and always by the internal side of the pavement.
If it is possible, you should not walk alone in dark or unknown areas. In the evening it is better to walk on the most well-lit side of the street. You must be very careful with strangers: especially when you are alone you must avoid contact. In case of dialogue with suspicious persons, keep at a safe distance-about the length of our kick with outstretched leg.
If a shady individual asks you for the time, never lower the head to see your watch. He could take the opportunity to mug you. It is better showing him the watch, while continuing looking at his face. If he asked for the time and meant harm, he would be wrong-footed because there is no surprise factor. If he only wanted to know the time, he would be satisfied.
If you cannot avoid walking near to suspicious individuals, use this device: pretending a prudent bearing, put your hand into your jacket, or coat, or bag and keep it there such as you are grasping a weapon. This stratagem is old, but always effective; it is not so probable that a possible aggressor runs the risk of mugging you.
For women: when you go to the cinema, avoid the closeness to possible tiresome persons with a simple device: let your husband or partner sit between you and other man or, if you are alone, you must always sit next to another woman or at the end of a row. In case of danger you can easily run away.