Kapap Lotar


Krav Panim El Panim – Kapap, is the Hebrew acronym for “Face To Face Combat.” It is the original Israeli combat system for defensive tactics, hand-to-hand combat and self-defence, and is employed by the Israeli Defence and Security Forces, the Israeli National Police, and its Special Operations and Anti-Terrorist units.

Its roots originated in the 1940´s fight tactics used by the Pal mach (Jewish Strike Brigades) who were fighting for Israel’s independence, and would later become the structure and main force to form Israel´s specialized units in the conventional military (IDF) for years to come.

The renewed Kapap combat system is headed by Lt. Colonel Chaim Peer who served in one of Israel´s most elite units – the Matkal, and who later trained other specialized units in guerrilla warfare and hand-to-hand combat tactics.

The Kapap system has continued to be upgraded from its basic forms of combat by operators of specialized units and other official instructors who served and/or still serve in Israel´s security branches. Although the Kapap Federation is based in Israel, the Kapap Academy has been designated as its sole representative in the USA and was formed by two of Israel’s Military, Police and Counter Terror (Lotar) instructors – Avi Nardia.

In Italy the only school authorized and recognized is the IKMO - Kapap Academy Italy founded by Master Marco Morabito.

The Kapap Academy is a combative academy of knowledge and EXPERIENCE, working to bring you the next step in real self-defence using realistic scenarios based on real experience and an understanding of today´s threats – without consideration of the experience, strength, and power of the practitioner.