Christmas is near, different from always and from everyone, used to the contact to breathe mixed air of adrenaline and challenges, to increase our physical and mental abilities we do not want and we must not give up our passion this is our strength! Even if the distancing will keep us apart, can we make this Christmas special in what way? By giving a double gift, the first to the person dear to us and the second to those who collaborate in the sports sector, in a professional but unfortunately not assiduous way, due to the pandemic that seems to never stop! Buy a relalo in a reality where sacrifices and professionalism are no longer counted....

I.K.M.O. has thought of creating some types and functional packages to have lessons suitable for everyone and for every need. Disciplines schedule: Krav Maga, Action Woman Krav Maga, Krav Maga Kids, Kapap, Systema, Protection Security Training.
Purchase the package you prefer indicating the name, by bank transfer or by paypal payment to the account connected to the email info@internationalkravmaga.com, send a copy of the payment to info@internationalkravmaga.com communicating the recipient's data or writing that the gift is for you who you are already a member. The voucher can be used until the expiry date.
For info TEL. 010 2923294
Sel Defense Christmas 01 private lesson Chief Instructor I.K.M.O.
(1 input - 5 inputs - 10 inputs)
Sel Defense Christmas 02 private lesson Instructor I.K.M.O.
(1 input - 5 inputs - 10 inputs)
Private lesson:
On line in person at a reduced price (ask for information) as long as the gyms remain closed.
In attendance as soon as the gyms reopen by appointment to be agreed with the teacher for the disciplines represented in the schedule.
Voucher valid from 01/02/2021 to 31/07/2021 - available from 12/12/2020 to 24/12/2020.

Genova Academy A.S.D. Corso Aurelio Saffi 46R Genoa
Online on the Google Meet platform

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