About RMA Sysrema



The study is focused on the biomechanical principle: in every teaching the human being is put in the midst of every situation and must solve a problem every time different from the previous one. The comprehension of how our body works, how it can be used, what happens in a stressed situation and how all this happens in a extreme situation, traces back to the essence of the teaching of Systema.
In Systema the less strength used is possible by using every body system in the right way: breathing, skeletal structure, muscles, etc... During the training are used physical, mechanics, speed, accuracy of movements, tension and relaxation knowledge to make the human body more effective in different and extreme situations.
Defence technique are neither prepared in advance, nor trained. For every single attack there can be innumerable defence-techniques every time different. Systema does not teach a series of techniques but only the principles to arrive to them.
Martial arts show you in advance some techniques that are repeated to automatize them, instead systema teaches to think with the body, because some biomechanical principles are applied consciously without worrying about the technique, because it lives with us.
The training consists of slow exercises. A study has proved that doing exercises slowly is the only possible way to plan definitively the subconscious and so to exploit the capabilities in stressed circumstances. For this reason making free the mind control we can use the thought of the body. Only in this way it is possible to obtain an effective reaction.
Reflections, purposes, feelings are no more trouble-factor, you must stop your intentionality avoiding preparing in advance a defence derived from a seen and repeated technique. This is the most important principle to react in the right and effective way to every situation, also under stress.