Making your opponent losing the balance



In order to win during a fight is necessary being able to unbalance your opponent. There are different methods to unbalance your opponent which follow physics laws

Lose of body balance depends:
• By the variation angle, the quantity of movement and rotation of the body’s center of gravity. Important is the tension of the body. More tension we have simpler will be causing body variation.
• By the body height: Higher is a person, more distance we have between the center of gravity and be support point (legs). So the body is less balanced
• By the width of the support point ( if legs are nearby, the height is greater while if the support area is not linear to the center of gravity, the balance is not perfect, so it will be easy to unbalance the body)
Conditions we must look for in order to unbalance the opponent
• Work simultaneously in three planes
• 45° movement direction
• Sum and subtraction of vector force during the movement
• apply two strength in opposite direction;
• use leverages ( first, second third types)
• any rigid point correspond to rotation axis;
• put pression on the opponent limbs using the triangle technique
• the angle of reflection must be the same of the angle of incidence
• work on the support point;
• use the inclined plane
The classic method divided into three trainings:
Push the opponent from one side to another side sharply
• Pull the opponent in your direction and use his resistance to make him losing the balance.
• Close quarters, when you can’t use the previous method, sharply push up using legs and body in order to lift the opponent

In order to unbalance he opponent you should follow the next steps:

• Join up the oppent movement. Join his speed time and space.
• “Connect” the opponent “
• Unbalanced the opponent
• Proceed to attack with punches, leverages etc.