DVD Russian Martial Arts Systema Disarmament Techniques





Great Master Marco Morabito, technical director and responsible of the IKMO international Federation. He has practiced martial arts and combat sports for thirty years. He works as a military instructor and technical coordinator in both public and private security and has great experience in the kidnapping and anti terrorism fields, he teaches civilians and military, and is an expert military instructor in hand to hand combat and an expert in the use of any type of weapon for self defence.As founder of the Marco Morabito Systema, he has gathered the most effective techniques from the different Russian Systema Schools, he has also incorporated many of his own techniques, techniques he himself developed while in high risk situations with civilians and military. He is also founder of the Israelite personal defences like Krav Maga Israeli Survival System, Kapap Israeli Survival System and has formed more than fivehundred instructors world wide. In this second DVD he presents disarm techniques against knives and fireweapons used in Marco Morabitos´s Systema taken from the special forces program of the Russian Spetsnaz.



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